1. Login to customer control panel

  2. Click Trend Micro WFBSS

  3. Trend Micro WFBSS tile, you can find all the information related to this subscription

    - Activation Code: Be sure to understand where to find this code. It is required for some methods of installation of the Security Agent.
    - Use the OPEN SECURITY CONSOLE button to log in to the Trend Micro Management Console. This option is quicker than logging in through the web console URL.
    - Buy More Licenses Here you can see the number of licenses that you have purchased with your subscription. You will require 1 license for every user.


    - Status of a subscription – ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’
    - Expiry date – Date on which the subscription expires if auto-renew is disabled
    - Whether ‘Automatic Renewal’ is enabled or disabled
    - Price of subscription on renewal
    - Click on ACTIONS to perform the following.

  5. In Support Information tile, you can see

    - Trend Micro Chat Support hours
    - Support phone number
    - Click on Website to launch Trend Micro HES/CAS knowledge base.
    - Click on Chat to access Trend Micro’s regional corporate chat support.