Hosted Email Security provides robust email management options, enabling you to customize your threat protection and set use policies to meet the needs of your organization. Hosted Email Security is preconfigured with several default policy rules to provide immediate protection upon deployment.

The following are part of Hosted Email Security inbound message filtering:

  • Multi-tiered antispam, antivirus, and anti-phishing protection for inbound email traffic.

Hosted Email Security works with Trend Micro Email Reputation Services (ERS) to block unwanted messages that are sent from message transfer agents (MTAs) that are linked to spamming. Hosted Email Security provides connection-based filtering at the MTA connection level.

  • Heuristic malware detection

Hosted Email Security uses the Trend Micro Virus Scan Engine to detect malware. The Virus Scan Engine uses a virus pattern file to compare the files with the patterns of known viruses.

  • Content-based filtering

Hosted Email Security comes preconfigured with default rules. Email messages and attachments can be filtered based on keywords, lexicons, and attachment characteristics, as well as other filtering rules. Administrators can modify default rules and create new rules.

  • Content filtering for corporate compliance

Hosted Email Security provides in-depth content filtering and policy management for more granular access and control. Administrators can create rules by company, group, domain, or individual and can set the appropriate enforcement action for each policy.

From the Trend Micro Hosted Email Security administrator console, mail administrators can create reports, view logs, perform administrative tasks, and set or alter policies.

The Hosted Email Security administrator console includes the following features:

  • Chart-based reports
  • Mail tracking
  • Centralized end user password administration
  • Configurable quarantine digest notification email
  • Lists of approved senders designated by email address or domain

Inbound and outbound protection settings