1. Login to customer control panel

  2. Click Trend Micro HES on the left side menu option

  3. Trend Micro HES tile, you can find all the information related to this subscription

    - Activation Code: Be sure to understand where to find this code. It is required for some methods of installation of the Security Agent.
    - Use the OPEN SECURITY CONSOLE button to log in to the Trend Micro Management Console. This option is quicker than logging in through the web console URL.
    Buy More Licenses Here you can see the number of licenses that you have purchased with your subscription. You will require 1 license for every user.


    - Status of a subscription – ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’
    - Expiry date – Date on which the subscription expires if auto-renew is disabled
    - Whether ‘Automatic Renewal’ is enabled or disabled
    - Price of subscription on renewal
    - Click on ACTIONS to perform the following.

  5. In Support Information tile, you can see

    - Trend Micro Chat Support hours
    - Support phone number
    - Click on Website to launch Trend Micro HES/CAS knowledge base.
    - Click on Chat to access Trend Micro’s regional corporate chat support.