From the Trend Micro Cloud App Security (TMCAS) page in the Customer Control Panel (CCP) you can assign a registered user to the TMCAS license; access the TMCAS portal and add resources.

Before performing these steps, it will help to understand the TMCAS page within CCP.

Opening and Understanding the TMCAS Page (in CCP)

1) To begin, open your Customer’s Control Panel (to learn how to do this, refer to Login to Customer Control Panel, ‘Accessing the Customer Control Panel’)


2) Select TMCAS from the left side menu.


3) Now you will be on the Trend Micro CAS page.


4) You can see the Security Console link, number of available licenses, subscription status, and support information.


Now that you have a better understanding about the different parts of the TMCAS page within the Customer Control Panel. You may also want to learn more about TMCAS service by reading 'Trend Micro Hosted Email (HES) - Starter Guide' or follow a step-by-step guide for one of the following: