In order to successfully attach a user to a Customer’s Trend Micro Cloud App Security (TMCAS) license, the user should be a Global Administrator.

This article describes how to assign Global Administrator rights to a user from the Microsoft Portal.

How to: Assign Global Administrator Rights to a User


1) Log in to Microsoft Office portal (click this link)

Note: If you lost your Microsoft Office portal access credentials, you can follow this link to learn where to go to retrieve them.

Fig. 1

2) The Office portal ‘Home’ page opens

Fig. 2


3) Click the Admin button

Fig. 3

4) The ‘Office 365 admin center’ page opens

Fig. 4

5) From the list of menu options on the left side of the page, select ‘Users’


Fig. 5


6) ‘Users’ expands to show ‘Active Users’, ‘Deleted Users’ and ‘Partner Relationships’

Fig. 6

7) Select ‘Active Users’

Fig. 7


8) ‘Active Users’ page opens on the Dashboard

Fig. 8


9) Tick the checkbox corresponding to the user you want to assign Global Administrator rights to

Fig. 9


10) The selected user’s name and different settings that can be changed for that user appears on the right side of the page

Fig. 10


11) Click on the ‘Edit User Roles’ option

Fig. 11

12) The ‘Edit user roles’ opens

Fig. 12


13) Select the ‘Global administrator’ option

Fig. 13


14) Click the Save button

Fig. 14


15) You will receive a confirmation message that the user’s role has been updated

Fig. 15


Now you may proceed to assign the TMCAS license to this user.

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