You can provision and manage security settings for multiple services through Trend Micro Cloud App Security’s (TMCAS) unified, self-service portal. To configure TMCAS settings, you need to do the following:

  1. Log in to TMCAS Portal from Customer Control Panel (CCP)
  2. Provision services


  1. To begin, open your Customer’s Control Panel (to learn how to do this, refer to Log in to Customer Control Panel, ‘Accessing the Customer Control Panel’).


  1. Select TMCAS from the left side menu.


  1. Now you will be on the Trend Micro CAS page.


  1. Click on the OPEN SECURITY CONSOLE button.


  1. The TMCAS portal opens.



About the TMCAS Portal

The TMCAS Portal has 6 main tabs: Dashboard, Advanced Threat Protection, Data Loss Prevention, Logs, Quarantine and Administration. Table 1, provides a brief description of each of these tabs. For more in-depth help refer to TMCAS’s online help documentation available here.



Table 1: Descriptions of main menu options


How to: Provision Services

Configuring security settings is done on the TMCAS Portal. Before you can begin to configure network security for various services, each service must first be provisioned.

Following is a description of the steps to provision Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

1) Open the TMCAS portal (refer to ‘How to: Log in to TMCAS Portal from Customer Control Panel (CCP)’)

2) Click the Dashboard tab (this is usually the tab selected by default)

3) The list of services that require provisioning can be seen under the Dashboard tab

4) Place your mouse over ‘Exchange Online’

5) A message pops up

6) Click the Provision button

7) The account information pop-up opens

8) Enter the service user name and password

Note: Please use the same credentials used to log in to the Microsoft Office portal.


9) Click the Verify button

10) Verification begins

11) Once verification is successful, you can do the following

12) (optional) Tick the ‘Promote all Delegate Accounts to the Global Administrator admin role’ checkbox,

Note: If you do not wish to select the ‘Promote all Delegate Accounts to the Global Administrator admin role’, the user will be given Service Administrator status and the Global Administrator will have to log in for synchronizing SharePoint and OneDrive changes.

13) Tick the checkbox corresponding to each service you want to provision

14) Click the Submit button


15) Provisioning begins, this may take a little while

16) Click the ‘Tasks’ icon located on the top right-side

17) Check the status of the provisioning


18) When the services have been successfully provisioned, the status for each service will be updated

Once provisioning is complete, you can configure the network security for the services. Refer to Trend Micro’s detailed online help, you can find the link here.

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