We are constantly working to improve your Cloud Marketplace experience. Here is a summary of what has changed.

Improved Search

Next time you visit Cloud Marketplace, we want to speed up your search queries. Our new auto-complete algorithm will help predict the searches you might be typing to quickly get you to the solutions, products and add-ons you are searching for. Its high-level details include:

  • Automatic spelling correction
  • Fuzzy search, approximate string and query matching
  • Complex product names and add-on name
  • Search by a part of product name

Promo Codes for End Customers

Encourage purchases on your White-Label Marketplace by offering discounts to your end customers using promotional codes. Some sample promos could be used to acquire new customers, entice abandoned cart purchases, promote future purchases and reward loyal customers,  

  • Allow customers to apply promo codes while placing orders in your end-customer Marketplace.  

New and Improved Ways to View and Modify Subscriptions

  • Customize your customer subscriptions view by filtering by plan option and selecting the columns to display in subscription details

  • Switch subscription viewing mode from default/standard to full screen mode while reviewing subscription details. The columns displayed in full screen mode is saved independently from the preferences set in default or standard viewing mode. The two viewing modes are useful when there are many line items in a customer’s orders—making it easy and convenient to toggle between viewing modes.  

  • Set custom pricing per subscription and per customer when upgrading or downgrading subscriptions (changing the service plan) and upsizing or downsizing subscriptions (changing the quantity of included options). This option is useful when providing a discount to a customer.