Ingram Micro supports Azure Government as a CSP Provider. Azure Government is specific to State, Local, and Federal agencies with datacenters separate from the Commercial datacenters; where no data co-mingles and is secure and protected by different compliance standards. 


Below is Ingram’s process for creating an Azure Gov Subscription along with creating a new Azure Government Tenant.


  1. Complete the Azure Government Application and notify your IaaS Sales Rep of the opportunity. Application is routed to the IaaS Team for processing. The Reseller Point of Contact (POC) receive a copy of the application submission. 
  2. Once processed, the Reseller POC receives an email confirmation providing the new Azure Subscription and Azure Gov Tenant ID from servicesorders@ingrammicro.com. The Microsoft User ID and Password will also be provided.


  • Microsoft must approve the End Customer as a qualified entity to use Azure Government resources. Customer must fill out the Microsoft Government General Validation form to initiate the approval process. Microsoft typically takes 2-3 business days to review and resolve the validation request. This validation must occur before proceeding with the creation of an Azure Gov tenant and subscription. If Microsoft doesn’t approve, Ingram Micro cannot proceed with this process. 
  • To create subsequent Azure Government subscriptions, please do so through the Azure Portal. Reference Create an additional Azure subscription
  • Ingram Micro Cloud Support offers Tier 2 support for Partners with Azure Government subscriptions. Partners can contact support via phone, email, or chat. Ingram Micro Cloud Support


Azure Gov Invoicing

  • Azure Gov Reseller Invoices are provided via our traditional methods and can be easily accessed though the BillTrust platform. Each End Customer’s Azure Gov Subscription will reflect as 1 line item on the invoice indicating the total cost of Azure Government services. 
  • Azure invoices are 30 days in arears.

Note – If the End Customer has an existing Azure Gov tenant, please work with your IaaS Sales Rep to move proceed with your opportunity as this process is manual and will have to work with Microsoft to establish a relationship.

Azure Government

Azure Government documentation

What is Azure Government?  


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