The Modern Support Self Service Portal (SSP) allows our partners to create a new support ticket and report an issue to the Ingram Micro Modern Support agents even without interacting with them.

Create a new ticket

  1. Login to the Self Service Portal (SSP). Please refer the article - Modern Support Self Service Portal (SSP) - How to login for a step-by-step process.
  2. After logging in, click the button - New Support Ticket

  3. A Ticket Form will open for you to create a new ticket. 

  4. Please consider the below recommendations while filling the various fields in the Ticket Form:
    • All fields in the Ticket Form are mandatory.
    • Email Address
      • It will be auto-populated with the email address present in your profile. You can change the email address here, if required.
      • You can add additional email addresses by clicking the Add cc button.
    • Subject
      • Please write the subject for the issue. This will be used extensively during communication.
      • Based on the subject, Self Service Portal will show you a list of relevant support articles that can help you resolve the issue.
      • If you do not find a relevant support article, please continue creating the ticket. 
    • Cloud Marketplace
      • Please select the Cloud Marketplace that you use, from the dropdown list.
    • Issue
      • There are only two options in the dropdown list here.
      • Please choose Azure technical support if the issue you are facing is related to Microsoft Azure.
      • Please choose Customer support for all other issues.
    • Description
      • Briefly describe the issue that you are facing.
      • Please add all the necessary information related to the issue. This will help our agents to analyze and resolve the issue in an effective and efficient manner.
      • You can also add files, screenshots, support documents by clicking the + Attach a file button.
  5. Once the Ticket Form is completely filled, click the Submit button. This will create a new ticket and a Modern Support agent will reach out to you.
  6. You can also manage any ticket by referring to the following article - Modern Support Self Service Portal (SSP) - How to manage tickets.