Complete this process to submit a tenant-to-tenant relationship request between your company’s Microsoft Azure Government tenant and Ingram’s Azure Government tenant. This results in delegating administrative access to your company’s Azure Government tenant to Ingram Micro.


These instructions need to be performed by a Tenant Global or Company Administrator – Microsoft may reject the request if submitted by someone with lower privileges.


  1. Ensure you hold the Global or Company Administrator role for your company’s Microsoft Azure Government tenant.
    • You can view this by signing into the Azure Government Portal > Azure Active Directory > Users > select your user account > Assigned roles.
  2. Open a support request via the Azure Government Portal.
    • You must use the Azure Government Portal, not the commercial Azure Portal.
  3. Provide these details when opening the request:
    • Issue type: Subscription management
    • Summary: Azure Government tenant relationship request
    • Problem type: Transfer ownership of my subscription
      • NOTE: This request will not actually transfer ownership to any of your existing subscriptions. Ingram Micro will have delegated access to your tenant to create new subscriptions.
    • Skip the Solutions step
    • Problem details:
      • Subscription ID: N/A
      • Copy/paste the below text into the Details or Additional details field (whichever is a required field):

        "Please escalate to the Azure Government CSP (azgovcsp@microsoft.com) team to establish a tenant relationship request between my Azure Government tenant and my partner’s tenant (Ingram Micro). 
        I am requesting Ingram Micro to be the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider for my Microsoft Cloud account. I am submitting this support request as acceptance of this relationship request. As part of this acceptance, I allow Ingram Micro access into my Azure Government Tenant to create new subscriptions and manage these subscriptions. The partner will also take responsibility on billing and support for these subscriptions. The partner is also responsible to have presented all necessary agreements to my company.
        Customer Tenant Domain Name: 
        Customer Tenant ID (GUID): 
        Partner Tenant Domain Name: ingrammicrouscspgov.onmicrosoft.com
        Partner Tenant ID (GUID): db9ceabf-3e82-4622-a055-60ffa28eb402
        Partner Contact Email: "Brian.Rowe@ingrammicro.com"

        1. Enter “ingrammicrouscspgovr” where it indicates “Your Partner’s Company name” 
        2. Enter your customer tenant ID where indicated
        3. Enter Ingram’s Tenant ID: db9ceabf-3e82-4622-a055-60ffa28eb402 where indicated.
        4. IMPORTANT: Specify your Azure Government (not Commercial) tenant info.
      • Fill in all other required fields
    • Review and submit.
  4. Once the request is submitted, the Microsoft support team should escalate to the Azure Government CSP team who will then review and process the request. You can ask to have the support request closed as there is no further action required via this support ticket.
  5. An email will be sent to you and your Ingram’s contact once the request is processed.
    • Most requests are completed within 5 business days assuming no issues are encountered.