Microsoft has introduced a New Commerce Experience (NCE). This new experience will streamline and improve the way customers buy and consume Azure services. It will also give CSP partners a consistent view of Azure pricing across sales motions, USD pricing for global consistency, billing date alignment, and access to Azure Cost Management.

The following process describes how partners can request to transition from Azure CSP to Azure New Commerce Experience (NCE) and is applicable only if the partner has multiple subscriptions.

For a single subscription to be transitioned from Azure CSP to Azure NCE, please follow the article - How to transition from Azure CSP to Azure NCE - Single subscription.


Below are the steps to complete the transfer from Azure CSP to Azure NCE.

  1. Fill out the Transfer Request: Microsoft Azure to Azure Plan (Azure NCE) form and submit. This form must be completed for every Azure subscription i.e. 1 transfer request form for each Azure subscription.
  2. Form is routed to Ingram's Modern Support Team to make the transition. SLA is 1-2 business days.
  3. Once transition is complete, Modern Support Team will reach out to the Reseller Point of Contact listed on the form to confirm completion.

Note - Interested in what’s different or what’s going to change with the transition? Reach out to your Ingram Micro Cloud Sales Representative or Partner Success Manager for further information

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