Ingram Micro is responsible for cancelling an Azure Government subscription on the Customer’s behalf. Follow the steps below to request for an Azure Gov subscription to be cancelled.

GCC ≠Azure Government


  1. Complete the Azure Gov Cancellation Request form. Form is automatically routed to the IaaS Sales Team. The Reseller Point of Contact (POC) listed on the form will receive a copy of the request for their records.  
  2. IaaS Sales will engage with the Operations Team to cancel the subscription. 
  3. IaaS Sales will notify the Reseller POC when the Azure subscription has been cancelled. 
  4. After you cancel, the Azure services are disabled. That means the virtual machines are de-allocated, temporary IP addresses are freed, and storage is read-only. After the subscription is canceled, Microsoft waits 30-90 days before permanently deleting your data in case you need to access it, or you change your mind. Microsoft doesn’t charge you for keeping the data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Although not required, Microsoft recommends that you take the following actions before you cancel your subscription:

  1. Back up your data.
  2. Shut down your services.
  3. Consider migrating your data.
  4. Delete all resources and all resource groups.
  5. If you have any custom roles that reference this subscription in AssignableScopes, you should update those custom roles to remove the subscription.

The GCC Program is NOT the same as Azure Government. GCC is transacted within a commercial Microsoft Partner Center. Azure Government is transacting within a Government Microsoft Partner Center. GCC tenants cannot be the same as the Azure Government tenants.

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