ConnectWise is one of the Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems that can be integrated with Cloud Marketplace to optimize the process of purchasing services and propagating these transactions to ConnectWise.

With the ConnectWise integration, the following scenarios are now supported:

  • Accessing ConnectWise from UX1 for Resellers
  • Synchronizing between Cloud Marketplace and ConnectWise, including:
    • New subscriptions
    • Existing subscriptions
    • Usage-based services
  • Reconciling customers' subscriptions
  • Importing customers to Cloud Marketplace from ConnectWise.
  • Accessing Cloud Marketplace from ConnectWise.

Known Limitations:

  1. It is not possible to place orders from ConnectWise. Use Cloud Marketplace to place an order.
  2. Synchronization is performed manually for each order.
  3. Prorated agreements are not supported.
  4. During subscription reconciliation, it is possible to select the billing period even if it was invoiced inĀ ConnectWise.
  5. During subscription reconciliation, additions are created without proration.
  6. ConnectWise integration is not supported under the provider account.
  7. PSA branding (skins, and so on) is not supported.