To integrate ConnectWise with Cloud Marketplace, complete the following steps:

  1. In your UX1 for Resellers, click Integrations
  2. On the ConnectWise tile, click Manage to enter your dashboard.

  3. On the dashboard, click the gear icon and select Connection setup.
  4. Specify the connection settings:
  5. Click Install.  
  6. On the ConnectWise tile, click Manage to enter your dashboard.


While specifying the connection settings in Step 4 above
- If an API member missing any permission, a corresponding list of the missing permissions is displayed.
- At this step, you can specify whether to load prices from the ConnectWise Catalog or Cloud Marketplace by default.
- At this step, you can specify whether to cancel and create a new addition after its modification or to keep all addition modifications.
- At this step, you can specify whether to automatically create and process synchronization tasks. You can select from the two options of change checking periodicity: once per day, or once per 5 min.
- Also, here you can select events you want to be notified of and tracked: only about errors and actions required from you, or about all tasks. These notifications are displayed in pop-up messages and Action Log.