To synchronize customer subscriptions that include usage-based services between Cloud Marketplace and ConnectWise, complete the following steps:

  1. In your UX1 for Resellers, click Integrations

  2. On the ConnectWise tile, click Manage to enter your dashboard. 

  3. On the dashboard, click Check Changes to update the list of tasks. 

  4. Select a synchronization task for your customer. For example, FranciscoRGoogle02 1000047883 with the Billing Order type. Click Sync Changes.
    • The Billing Order type means that this is an existing usage-based subscription. 
    • The Sales Order type means that a subscription is new. 
    • The Change Order type means that the existing subscription is upgraded or downgraded.
  5. On this step, select an agreement. Then, check changes to the agreement.
    • The agreement additions represent a separate fee that is charged in the scope of the agreement.
    • You can select additions and configure addition parameters, such as dates, description, quantity, price, and cost, as well as whether to include bills and taxes and load prices from the ConnectWise Catalog or Cloud Marketplace.
    • Recurring Billing Amount
      • The agreement may have a recurring billing amount. This is an amount to be invoiced each billing period for this agreement.
    • Overuse Billing Amount
      • The agreement may have an overuse billing amount.
      • The system calculates an overuse amount for an addition when a resource overuse occurred from the billing period start date.
      • The overuse price is calculated as: (Resource Overused Amount * Resource Overuse Price).
      • The overuse cost is calculated as: (Resource Overused Amount * Resource Overuse Cost).
    • Agreements with the same billing cycle must be selected here, that is, monthly agreements for monthly subscriptions, and so on.
    • The agreement currency and the currency in Cloud Marketplace must be the same. 

  6. Confirm the synchronization by clicking Sync