Marketplace API enables Ingram Micro Cloud partners to integrate their e-Commerce, CRM, Billing or ERP Systems with Cloud Marketplace. This Application Programming Interface provides the way to automate processes, helping partners save time and resources.  


Marketplace API is not a public REST API, so it’s necessary to have a Subscription KEY to use it. You can now request for Cloud Marketplace API Key via the Cloud Marketplace.


  1. Log in to the Cloud Marketplace and in the search bar, search for Marketplace API. Once it is found, click to add to cart. Aside from the search bar, Marketplace API can also be found under the category Marketplace Integration and Tools. Graphical user interface, text, application 
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  2. Go to your cart and place the order for Marketplace API. Graphical user interface, application, Teams 
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  3. Once the order processing is complete, it will show under the subscriptions list, with rest of subscriptions. Graphical user interface, text, application, email Description automatically generated 

  4. After activation of the subscription, two changes will appear in your Cloud Marketplace automatically.
    • The first one is the creation of a new user. As you can see in the screenshot below, the new user is called CMPAPI User. Graphical user interface, application 
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    • The second change you will see in the Cloud Marketplace, is a new menu option called Marketplace API. Graphical user interface, application 
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  5. Click on that Marketplace API menu to obtain your API Subscription Key as mentioned in the picture below. Graphical user interface, application 
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  6. Some key parameters are mentioned in this section:
    • API base URL you must use when making a call to the API -
    • Your API username.
    • Cloud Marketplace API Subscription Key. If you click on the eye icon it will became visible. You will need this key in order to authorize the calls made to the Cloud Marketplace API.