Marketplace Search

The search tool in the Cloud Marketplace allows you to look for cloud solutions by Plan Names or by Vendor Part Numbers. It is also clever to determine which plan you were looking for if you had a typo in your search term. There are also some very useful filters that can be applied to the search results that can help you find what you need quicker.

Searching by Plan Name

The most common search option used is simply looking for the solution you need by the plan name. Searching for “Microsoft 365 Business Basic” will quickly find the right plan.  


If you accidentally enter a typo into the search field some suggested results will be shown that typically meet what you had intended to search for. In the following example there is a typo The intention was to search for Dropbox plans but the search criteria was entered as Dropbix. The results for the search still located the Dropbox plans.  


Searching by Vendor Part Number

Some vendors like Microsoft have part numbers that are searchable in the Marketplace. For example “bd938f12-058f-4927-bba3-ae36b1d2501c” is a searchable part number that will locate “Microsoft 365 Business Basic” plans.  

Search Filters

The available search filters can be used to help reduce the number of search results. If the search is vague such as just looking for a vendor like “Microsoft” the number of results could be large. Using the filters to restrict the results can help. There are currently three filters that can be used.

  • Subscription Period: Filters the results for plans by length of the subscription term.
  • Billing Period: Filters the results for plans billed monthly or annually
  • Show Only Trial: Filters the results to show only plans that have a trial


Searching for “Microsoft” would return a long list of results. In the example below we made use of the filters to show only plans that have an annual subscription period and are billed monthly.  


We could filter the list further by selecting the “Show Only Trial” option.  

Always Visible Search & Shopping Cart

Sometimes you’ll find that the search term you used generated a long list of results that you want to scroll through. As you scroll down the page you will notice that the Search and Shopping Cart follow you so you can quickly access them when needed.  

If you place your mouse over the Cart icon the search bar becomes available.