Google Workspace for Education 


Google Workspace for Education is offered in four edition options:

  1. Google Fundamentals free for eligible schools 
  2. Teaching and Learning Upgrade 
  3. *Education Standard 
  4. *Education Plus

Click HERE for our plan comparison guide.

Important: Authorization is required before an order can be placed!

Click HERE to complete our simple Google Workspace for Education Authorization Steps.

Estimated time of completion varies, plan for 24 to 48 hours for Prerequisite turnaround processing and 45 minutes for the 5 Steps.

Before we start…

Requirements prior to submitting any order for the Google Workspace for Education paid editions:

  1. Reminder: I have acknowledged I have completed all Authorization prerequisites (above). If I have a not, my order will fail.
  2. Your customer has an active Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals subscription (Confirm this by checking in their Google Admin Console.)
  3. If applicable, please cancel the free trial for Google Workspace Education Plus to allow for paid upgrade.

Once the requirements above have been met

Please collect the following steps (1 and 2) below and email both to List your PO and domain in the subject line to ensure accuracy.

Step 1 - Ensure your customer has completed a signed Student

[REQUIRED for Education Standard and Education PLUS] Enrollment Verification Letter at

[REQUIRED for Education Standard and Education PLUS] Validate the accurate Full-Time Student Enrollment Number HERE.


Every order requires a Student Enrollment Verification Letter. Student Enrollment Verification Letters are required for all Education Standard and Education Plus orders. This enables partners to provide current and accurate full-time student enrollment numbers. This product is licensed on a per-user basis, and thus every user needs a license to ensure full functionality. Full details provided in the verification letter. 

Step 2 - Generate a Transfer Token, link

If you have access to your customer’s account, you can generate the transfer token yourself. Otherwise, ask your customer to perform these steps and send the token to you.

Note - Transfer tokens expire 14 days after being generated.

  1. Go to the Retrieve Transfer Token page, link.
  2. Sign in with your customer’s domain administrator username and password.
  3. Public ID (for transfer token generation): C03h9hwu6-__________(This will be displayed in Cloud Marketplace under the Reseller Authorizations tab) 
    • > reseller authorization (see below).
  4. The page automatically generates a token.
  5. Copy the token’s alphanumeric code.

If your customer has any questions about transfer tokens or the transfer process, refer them to Transfer your account to a reseller.

  1. Go to Customer’s Google Admin Portal and search for Transfer a Customer Account. In this article, you will see the option to Retrieve the transfer code. 

  2. Sign into the Cloud Marketplace and click on Reseller Authorization to receive your Reseller Identifier ID. 

  3. Select Manage

  4. Copy your Reseller Identification ID

  5. Now that Reseller Identification ID is copied, Revert back to Retrieve Transfer Token page, link

  6. Enter the Reseller’s Public Identifier and click on the CONFIRM RESELLER IDENTIFIER button. 

  7. You will see a pop-up, click on the GENERATE TRANSFER CODE button. 

  8. Copy the transfer token. 

  9. Now go back to the Marketplace screen and paste the transfer token. Click on the SUBMIT. mceclip4.png

  10. Copy the Transfer token and provide this token when placing your order in Cloud Marketplace (Next step).

Step 3 - Place your order in Cloud Marketplace to initiate.

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