It is now possible to configure a custom menu item within ConnectWise that will allow the Cloud Marketplace to be accessible. This allows for the Marketplace to run within a frame in ConnectWise for either the Ingram Micro branded URL or for our Partner’s branded URLs. For the branded URLs there is an extra step.

Below is the step-by-step process to enable this feature.

  1. Log into your ConnectWise platform. Once logged in click on the System link at the bottom left-hand side navigation menu.  

  2. Next, select the Setup Tables option.  

  3. Click on the dropdown menu for the Category section and select the General option.  

  4. Then select the Custom Menu Entry item.  

  5. Next press the + button to create a new Custom Menu.  

  6. Enter a Menu Caption, Menu Location, and the link to the login page you use for accessing the Marketplace. The link can be a branded one if you have set one up. Make sure that you also remove the check for the Open in New Window option.  

  7. Next, select the locations that can use this menu entry. In our example we will select all. Once the locations are selected press the Save button.  

  8. Once the menu entry is saved you need to log out of ConnectWise and then log back in for the settings to take effect. After logging back in you will find the new menu item beneath the Companies section. Click on the entry.        

  9. If you used an Ingram Micro branded Cloud Marketplace URL you will see the standard login page and will be able to log in.  


  10. If you used a custom branded URL as your link location in step 6 you will need to do a few more steps. First open up a browser window and log into your Marketplace account. Once logged in click on the Classic Panel link.  

  11. Click on the Settings link at the bottom left-hand side menu. 

  12. Next, click on the Brands link under the Branding section.  

  13. Click on the link for your brand.  

  14. Switch to the Cross Site Integration tab.  

  15. Press the Add Site button.  

  16. Enter the URL of your ConnectWise Portal and then press the Submit button.  

  17. That’s all there is to it. Your ConnectWise portal is now whitelisted to be able to load your branded Cloud Marketplace site.