How to invite a new user with custom role / permissions

Users can be invited in Multi-Cloud Orchestrator with an assigned role.

Roles define a set of fine-grained permissions that can be applied to a user. This can range from permissions to create/edit/delete objects such as templates, servers, scripts, etc., to administering users. For example, this howto will show you how to create a role that only permits the administration of Policies.


  • A valid registered Microsoft account for single sign on

Create a custom role

  1. Go to Settings > Roles

Roles overview

  1. Press the Add Role button and fill out a name and description
  2. Click on the role name and edit the desired permissions

Role permissions

Invite a new user

As an administrator you can invite new users to the Multi-Cloud Orchestrator platform through invitation links.

An invitation link is valid for 24 hours and can be used by identifying oneself through a supported Identity Provider (at this moment only Microsoft accounts).

In our previous step we created a role policy-manager. Now let's invite a new user and assign the policy-manager role:

  1. Go to Settings > Account User accounts overview
  2. Press the Invite new user button
  3. Fill out the user details and select the policy-manager role we previously created Create a new user dialog
  4. When pressing the Add user button, a dialog will be shown with the invitation link. Send this link to the user you wish to invite. Remember this has 24 hours validity. User invitation link
  5. Upon clicking the invitation link, the user is offerred to sign in using a supported identity provider (currently Microsoft) Invitation link clicked
  6. Once logged in, the user is shown the Multi-Cloud Orchestrator dashboard. In this case the user only has permissions to create/edit/delete policies, as definied in the role that was assigned to the him/her. Orchestrator Dasbboard

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