Multi-Cloud Orchestrator - Starter Guide

Multi-Cloud Orchestrator streamlines application and workload deployments across a private, hybrid and public cloud stack from a single pane of glass. Using integrations with configuration management tools, businesses can easily create unique IaaS solutions and services for their e-commerce store. They can also create pre-configured application templates that can be delivered on multiple cloud platforms with one click. With the ability to develop and deliver unique IaaS solutions and service faster, businesses will significantly save time and resources as well as serve customers at scale to maintain a leaner, more efficient multi-cloud business.

Multi-Cloud Orchestrator is delivered as a platform as a service (PaaS). It integrates with CloudBlue Commerce, allowing businesses to automatically sync IaaS subscriptions, usage, deployment, billing and invoicing information to their commerce platforms. Multi-Cloud Orchestrator also integrates with CloudBlue Connect, which allows businesses to define and publish the IaaS offerings their built in Multi-Cloud Orchestrator for listing on their CloudBlue Commerce marketplace.

An Multi-Cloud Orchestrator subscription is required in order to get access to Cloud Orchestrator Portal; it can be acquired from CloudBlue depending on defined business/billing models.

Multi-Cloud Orchestrator Portal

The Multi-Cloud Orchestrator portal provides a unified dashboard allows you to manage resources and deployments across your public, private and hybrid cloud stacks.

Cloud Orchestrator Portal


Here is a set of how-tos that will guide you in using Multi-Cloud Orchestrator platform.