Microsoft has introduced a New Commerce Experience (NCE). This new experience will streamline and improve the way customers buy and consume Azure services. It will also give CSP partners a consistent view of Azure pricing across sales motions, USD pricing for global consistency, billing date alignment, and access to Azure Cost Management.

The following process describes how partners can transition from Azure CSP to Azure New Commerce Experience (NCE) and is applicable only if the partner has a single subscription.

For multiple subscriptions to be transitioned from Azure CSP to Azure NCE, please follow the article - How to transition from Azure CSP to Azure NCE - Multiple subscriptions.

  1. In the Reseller CMP Account, go to Marketplace and search for Microsoft Azure. This will bring up Microsoft Azure listed under Products. Click to open it.  

  2. Add Azure New Commerce Experience (NCE) to cart.

  3. Go to the Cart.

  4. Within the Cart, reconfirm that the product is Azure New Commerce Experience (NCE). Click Next.  

  5. Select Existing Customer.
  6. Search for End-Customer by their CMP Account # or Account Name.
  7. Click Select against the appropriate customer account and then click Next.

  8. Under the field - Specify a Microsoft Order Type, select the option - Import an Existing Azure Subscription.

  9. Enter the End-customer's Microsoft Domain.
  10. Enter Existing Subscription ID needing to be transitioned to Azure Plan NCE.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Once the page refreshes, actions are needed to verify Tenant domain ownership. 
    • A one-time unique User ID will be created and will need to be added to the End-Customer’s Azure AD in their Azure Portal.

  13. Reseller or End-Customer will log into the Azure Portal, and create a user for the unique User ID.

  14. In the Azure Portal Search bar, search for Azure Active Directory.

  15. In the navigation menu on the left, click on Users.  

  16. Click on + New User and add the unique User ID by completing the required fields (in asterisk *).

    • When adding the user, make sure to select the domain as onmicrosoft.com. 
    • If domain with onmicrosoft.com is not selected, the verification may fail.

  17. Click Create.
  18. Once the screen refreshes, the new user will now be listed.

    • Note - This unique User ID can be deleted once the CMP order has been fully processed as it is only used during the 1st import order for each tenant domain. 
  19. Go back to CMP. You should still be on the Set Up your Purchase page.
  20. Change the option in the field - Did you create the required user? from No to Yes.

  21. Click Next.
  22. The page will refresh again, and a new question will show - Do you authorize Transition to Azure Plan?. Change the option for it from No to Yes.

  23. Click Next.
  24. The page will refresh to the Review Order page. 
  25. Check the box to agree to the T&Cs.
    • This will then turn the BUY button to Blue and you will now be able to complete the ordering process.

  26. Click Buy.
  27. The page will refresh, confirming that the order is now in process.

  28. Once the order is fully processed, the End-customer should see a NCE Microsoft Azure tile on their Dashboard, confirming that they now have an Azure Plan NCE subscription within their CMP Account.

  29. Clicking the tile will open the following page.