Welcome to Marketplace Apps, a one-stop source of IMC apps and integrations. In Marketplace Apps, you can find and explore solutions to extend your business capabilities.

What is available in Marketplace Apps?

  1. PSA Integrations
    • ConnectWise Integration
    • Autotask Integration app
    • SimpleAPI
    • Other apps and extensions
  2.  An inventory of extensions and components that are already installed or activated for your account, including information about the versions of installed apps, links to relevant documentation, and the update journal.

  3. Immediate notifications about successful updates and new features availability.  

How to get an app from the Marketplace Apps

Just get them by clicking Install now and follow the activation wizard steps.

What’s next?

  • More apps. New integrations and platform extensions.
  • Better discoverability:
    • Search and browse by app category.
    • Recommendations and a featured list.
    • A list of recent updates and additions.
  • Purchasing apps.
  • Reputation and rating system.