Please follow this troubleshooting process if you do not see a customer in the end-customer admin console.

  1. First make sure you are logging into the end-customer Admin Console and NOT the reseller admin console as Marketplace VIP subscriptions do not show up there. You can still manage all your customers with the same log in using the end-customer console.
  2. If you are logging into the correct console and do not see all of your customers, continue to follow the subsequent steps.
  3. Copy the hyperlink in the 'Get Started' banner present in the email you would have received from Adobe. This email was sent to the Admin contact you used to place the order. Open it in a private browser.
  4. Sign into the console using the email you selected when placing the order.  

  5. It will make use of MFA to sign in.  

  6. Select Join team.  

  7. Make sure to choose the Business Profile and not the Personal Profile. This is why you are not seeing all your customers under your log in.  

  8. After that, select customers from the Search functionality on the top right of the page. You should see all the customers associated to the login credentials in the drop down.