The GCP ordering process provides two modes:

  1. New GCP account order
  2. Transfer of an existing GCP account to CloudBlue service provider (e.g., Ingram Micro) from another provider or direct account with Google

The customer or reseller should have the following information about the customer before they start the ordering process

  • Customer domain URL (the domain for which customer wants to create his GCP account for, e.g.
  • Google-recognized (e.g. Gmail ID) of the administrator for the GCP account being provisioned.
    • If the reseller (e.g., MSP) is going to manage the customer GCP infrastructure, then reseller provides his Gmail address.
    • If the end-customer is going to manage and administer his infrastructure, then customer provides his Gmail address

The reseller should be authorized to sell GCP in the region and needs to satisfy the following three criteria

  • Reseller should have Google Cloud Identity
  • Reseller should have successfully enrolled to sell GCP for that geo at Google's Partner Advantage program
  • Reseller should link to distributor as indirect reseller under distributor org

Resellers who already sell Google Workspace would have similar requirements like above and need not do first and third steps. The ordering workflow would request the reseller for the above information using Connect's inquiry process.