The transfer process can be initiated once the user has gone through all the pre-requisites of transferring an order. Please refer to the article - 01 GCP - Prerequisites to order. 


The GCP account transfer enables transferring of an existing customer's GCP account into the Ingram Micro provider organization. The customer could be be moving from a direct relationship with Google or from another distributor organization and wants to come under Ingram Micro. 

The transfer process involves two primary steps.

Step 1

The user starts the GCP ordering workflow and chooses the "New" option to create a new sub-billing account. The user creates the order and submits. A new sub-billing account for the customer would be created by the system under Ingram Micro. 

  1. Select the GCP offer under Infrastructure category and add to cart as shown below. 


  1. Confirm the product selection and choose the customer. This is same as in any other cloud market place product. 



  1. Provide the information needed to provision GCP Account for the end customer. Be sure to choose the New option in the Order mode drop-down menu when placing your order.

  • The user should provide the customer business domain for which he wants GCP infrastructure account. The user needs to also provide a Google recognized (Gmail address) for the entity who is going to administer and manage customer newly provisioned GCP account. If the reseller is managed service provider and is going to manage the customer infrastructure then reseller provides his Gmail address. If the customer is himself going to administer and manage his new GCP account infrastructure then the customer Gmail address needs to be provided.

  • The order mode should be "New" which will create a new sub-billing account for the customer to move their existing GCP project under the distributor org. At this time, Google does not allow transferring of existing sub-billing accounts.
  1. The user confirms the order and submits. 


Step 2

After the user submits the customer GCP order, as described in Step 1 above, the system creates a sub billing account for the customer under the Ingram Micro service provider distribution. The customer would then need to move his existing GCP projects to the new billing account within his GCP console. Only after that, the transfer process would complete and customer would be invoiced.


  1. The customer goes to the GCP console (as they have an existing GCP account, they already have login information). 


  1. The new billing account would become visible in the GCP console and the customer would point their existing GCP projects to the new billing account. Any GCP projects that are not moved to the new sub-billing account will continue to be invoiced by the previous providers. 


The process is now complete