From Adobe

  • No current open or outstanding Orders on the VIP Number.
  • Only Commercial Segment SKUs are supported.
  • VIPs with no Adobe Subscriptions won’t be allowed to move.
  • VIP is not within the Adobe Renewal Window.
    • 30 days before or after the Customer Anniversary Date.
  • Transfer/Migration is for the whole VIP Number. No partial migrations are supported.
  • Once the VIP is migrated, they will no longer appear on the Adobe Reseller console.

From Ingram Micro

  • Transfer Order from Ingram Micro cloud Marketplace can be placed at any point in time.
  • It works like a normal sales order but specific information will be required.
    • VIP Number
    • Order must contain the same SKUs and quantities that the VIP currently has in the VIP Program.
    • Sales order will have a money value but no invoice will be issued until the order is completed.
  • Validations will be performed over the information provided.
    • Valid and Eligible VIP Number. This is validated against Adobe API.
    • Valid Adobe Products and Quantities.