Step 1 - Order 'Adobe Cloud Seamless Move Enabler'

Place an order for a free-of-charge service, Adobe Cloud Seamless Move Enabler

  1. Partners will have a service plan named Adobe Cloud Seamless Move Enabler available in Cloud Marketplace. This is a free-of-charge service and is only available for our partners. This is a one-time only operation for the partner. Add this service to the cart.

  2. Click Next to place the order. 

  3. Partners will have to accept the Adobe VIP Marketplace Reseller Passthrough Terms in order to finally place the order.

  4. Once order is completed, the Partner will have access to a new Adobe section on the Cloud Marketplace, where Adobe VIP Transfers can be requested. 

Step 2 - Transfer subscriptions using Adobe Cloud Seamless Move Enabler

  1.  Partner accesses the Cloud Marketplace where a new tab option is available in the Adobe Cloud section. 

  2. Partner will use the web-form to enter the end-customer's account information as well as the Adobe VIP number.

    • Both the Account ID and the Adobe VIP Number (Membership ID) in the form will be validated.
    • Only valid accounts under the Partner can be indicated and only Adobe’s eligible VIP Numbers can be requested to be transferred.
    • Please also note that the Adobe VIP Number will be validated against Adobe VIP Marketplace APIs.
  3. If the VIP is eligible, a list of Adobe Offer ID, current quantities and Renewal Date will be displayed. Partners can then click on the Send Transfer button. 

  4. Once the Send Transfer button has been clicked, a notification will confirm that the transfer has been requested successfully. 

  5. A new order will be created in CloudBlue Commerce. This can be seen in the Classic Panel under Operations > Orders
    • The order will be at a zero price and the respective subscription will contain a customized Start Date, Expiration Date as well as Next Billing Date.
    • The order will also contain the relevant Adobe Cloud Products and quantities relative to the VIP that is transferred.
    • The existing integration between Adobe Cloud in Connect and the back-end of Adobe VIP Marketplace will be leveraged.
  6. Once the order is completed, the Adobe Subscription will be active on partner’s Marketplace account under the indicated Customer. This usually takes 24 hours to be completed. After that time, partner or an Ingram Micro Sales Rep can perform additional license management.