1. Partner lands on Adobe Cloud Product page and can see an auxiliary screen providing additional information about the purchase of Adobe Cloud Product and the additional volume discounts.

  2. Adobe Products’ Offer IDs will be replaced by their respective Adobe SKU (i.e. 65304522CA01A12 will be represented as 65304522CA). All Partner Cost and Margin information will always be Level 1. Please note that MSRP does not have Volume Pricing.

  3. This is the standard CMP step where Partner/Reseller selects the End Customer where the order will be placed. 

  4. This is merely an informative screen. In case that the Reseller/Partner had placed any previous order for Adobe Cloud in the Marketplace, the Reseller ID from Adobe VIP Marketplace will be displayed here. 

  5. Relevant information is requested to place the order, essentially, Customer Phone Number and User Admin Email. 

  6. Standard CMP Checkout Screen. 

  7. Standard CMP Order Details Screen.

  8. Partners will see Adobe Level 1 pricing, no matter the number of licenses that are purchased. Partner will be billed based on Adobe Level 1 prices on Sales, Change and Renewal orders. Adobe Cloud Processor will place each order (Sales and Change Orders) using the right set of Offer IDs, depending on the eligibility of the Customer for a Volume Discount Level.