The reseller should be authorized to sell GCP in the region and needs to satisfy the pre-requisites of selling GCP. Please refer to the article - 01 GCP - Prerequisites to order.

The transfer process involves four primary steps.

Step 1

Reseller would get an Inquiry screen asking for his Cloud Identity and to link with the Distributor

  1. The Connect tier config request would go to pending and wait for reseller to complete the prerequisites. If the reseller already has Google Workspace tier config completed then that would be automatically imported into GCP tier config for the reseller. If the system cannot confirm the reseller information or needs more information, the reseller would get the following Inquiry screen. 

  2. The reseller would need to enter his Google Cloud Identity domain and his Admin user's Gmail address. If the reseller does not have Google cloud identity, the process to get it, is described in the Google Workspace documentation - 01 Google Workspace - Starter Guide. The key steps are also illustrated in Step 3 of this article. 

Step 2

Reseller needs to connect with the distributor (or Google Partner Distributor)

  1. The reseller needs to complete her Google Partner Advantage program in order to sell GCP services as indirect reseller for particular region. Upon completing his GCP Partner Advantage GCP enrollment complete, the reseller would need to link with the distributor (in case not done at Partner Advantage). The following Inquiry screen would appear for the reseller. 

  2. The reseller would need to copy the channel partner link to web browser and complete the following two steps in the web browser. 

  3. After completing the above two steps in the browser, the reseller should come back to the Inquiry screen and submit. 

Step 3

Reseller Google Cloud Identity

If the reseller is already selling Google WorkSpace (called GSuite in the past) then she would already have Cloud Identity. This step is for information only - in case this reseller needs new cloud identity then she needs to create it for her company WorkSpace business account.

This is also detailed in Google Workspace documentation here -  01 Google Workspace - Starter Guide.

  1. The reseller starts the process for getting her cloud identity via Google Workspace account. 

  2. Reseller provides her business domain. 

  3. Google will prompt reseller to verify the domain by changing domain records. Upon successful verification, the cloud identity for the reseller would be created by Google. 

Step 4

Reseller Google Cloud Product Enrollment at Google Partner Advantage

  1. In order to sell Google GCP, the reseller has to enroll at Google Partner Advantage program. Only once successfully enrolled can the reseller be able to sell GCP services at a particular region. Currently, there is no Google API to verify if the reseller is successfully enrolled at Partner Advantage.
  2. For the initial launch (limited to 10 resellers for US CMP), Ingram Micro will verify the reseller GCP partner advantage GCP enrollment status and also if the reseller is in the invited list (decided by US and Canada business teams) and then approve the tier config request of the reseller.
  3. Here are few screenshots of reseller Partner Advantage portal that reseller goes thru (Google is overhauling Partner Advantage portal and hence screenshots might be different but similar). 

  4. Once the reseller is successfully enrolled at Partner Advantage, the CloudBlue service provider (e.g., Ingram Micro) would be able to view the verification status. 

  5. For the initial launch, Product Management would verify the reseller status and also if the reseller is on GCP invitation list and verify the tier config request of the reseller.