What is GCP invoicing cycle? What does the GCP invoice look like?

Google uses calendar month billing cycle for GCP pay as you go service. Google provides the cost and usage information to the provider's GCP account. Around 2nd of every month, the GCP processor issues the invoice for the previous calendar monthly billing cycle. The invoice generated would contain the costs of the customer subscription and breaks it down by GCP infrastructure category. 

How does customer purchase Google GCP reserved instances?

There is no separate offer for GCP reserved instances (also called Committed Instances). There is no upfront payment plans for reserved instances in GCP and only payment plan is monthly installments. The commitment is for one or three years  and customers get appropriate discounts. The monthly installments for committed instances is also invoiced via GCP connector via CBC.

How does customer confirm the invoice generated by CloudBlue provider is accurate?

A customer can view his costs via the billing window within his Google GCP console. The monthly invoice amounts see in his GCP console should match with the invoices generated by GCP on Connect. There is no reseller view (like aggregated costs across his customers) from GCP.

How can GCP reseller do view cost reports?

GCP customer can view her costs in billing console of her GCP console. There is no aggregated cost reporting for reseller. The indirect reseller can view cost reporting via his customer's GCP console. 

How does GCP Account Cancellations work?

The customer can cancel his Google GCP account or provider can place the account on hold for non-payments.

  1. The account is first suspended.
  2. The customer costs continue to accrue as Google does not stop the resources in customer GCP projects.
  3. Only when customer removes his GCP projects can the cancellation action be completed.
  4. Upon customer removing his GCP projects, the cancellation is completed at Google side.
  5. The subscription remains alive on the Connect side to collect any usage and costs from the pay as you go subscription.