We have revised the handling of upsizing licensing quantities for resellers in CloudBlue Commerce version 21.4.

If you are still using the old version of Cloud Marketplace, please continue using this article to upsize your subscriptions.

If you are using the new version, please go to the KB article Microsoft 365 NCE - The new Upsizing/Downsizing Experience to upsize a subscription.


Cancellation Window

The cancellation window of Microsoft NCE seat-based subscriptions is 7 days, for a pro-rated refund. Please see the March 2022 announcements - Partner Center | Microsoft Docs for more information. 

The cancellation window is applicable for any new orders, renewals, and mid-term seat additions.

To know how to cancel subscriptions in Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, please refer to the KB article How to cancel seat-based subscriptions in Microsoft NCE from Reseller Control Panel.


  1. Navigate to the Subscriptions page found on the Customers tab.  
  2. Find the active subscription and click to view the details, or click the CHANGE button beside the subscription you wish to alter.
  3. Click the CHANGE button on the top-right-hand corner to upsize or increase seats.  
  4. To add more licenses, click on the + button. Click NEXT to confirm.  
  5. The page will ask you to confirm your MPN ID details only if you recently changed your MPN ID. Click NEXT to confirm.  
  6. Confirm additional seats and incremental charges. Click PLACE ORDER to confirm changes.  
  7. You will receive an order number for the same. Click on the TRACK ORDER button to view the status of the order.