This article contains information about the cancellation process and policies on Microsoft products. 

Cancellation Policy of Microsoft Products

Please review cancellation policies for products in New Commerce Experience.


Cancellation Policy

Seat-based Licenses in NCE 

• D365


• M365

• O365

• Power Platform

• W365

• Windows 10 Enterprise

7-day cancellation window

Azure in NCE

Billed based on consumption of the previous month

Perpetual software in NCE

30-day cancellation window (full refund)

Note: Starting July 11, 2022, partners will only have a seven-day (168 hours) cancellation window. This will apply to new purchases and renewals for software subscriptions in NCE. The proration will be calculated daily.

Software Subscription in NCE

30-day refund policy (full refund) 

Cancellation Process

Once the service has been successfully provisioned and the status of the Sales Order is set to “Active”, transacting partners can execute a Cancel order for the active subscription per the cancellation policy for the subscription referenced in the table above.

  1. Navigate to the Subscriptions page found on the Customers tab. 

  2. Find the active subscription and click to view the subscription details.
  3. Click the [...] button and select Cancel Subscription from the drop-down list (NOTE - This option will be turned off after the 7-day cancellation window). 

  4. On the Confirm Cancellation screen, choose the reason for cancellation and click the Confirm button.  

  5. Once the Cancel order is complete, click on the order number to be redirected to the Order Details screen.  

  6. Once all the provisioning steps are done, the Cancel order status will be set to Completed.
  7. Transacting partners can set up a notification email to inform end-customers that their Cancel order is complete. 
  8. After cancellation, transacting partners must manually check with their provider that the in-arrears Credit will be applied to their account.