This KBA is a walkthrough of the order process for NCE Microsoft 365 offers as an end-customer.


  1. Log in to the Marketplace and select the Microsoft NCE Catalogue.

  2. Click on the NCE Microsoft 365 (Commercial) tile.

  3. Search for the desired subscription and click the [Add to Cart] button.

  4. Once added, the button will be disabled and display “Added” for the selected plan. On the top right of the screen, a red notification icon will appear on the Cart indicating the amount of items currently in your cart.

  5. Click on the Cart to review your order. Once you’re satisfied, click [Next].

  6. In the Set Up Your Purchase screen, you can choose to Create a New Microsoft CSP Account or Use An Existing Microsoft CSP Account.

    • Creating a New Microsoft CSP Account
      1. When creating a new Microsoft CSP account, you will be prompted to enter your Microsoft Domain Name. Click [Next] to continue.

      2. In the next screen, you'll be asked to accept the Microsoft Customer Agreement and verify the customer information. Click [Next] to continue.

    • Using an Existing Microsoft CSP Account
      1. Select the 'Use an existing Microsoft CSP account' radio button, then click the [Next] button.

      2. Enter the primary domain name of the existing Microsoft CSP account, then click the [Next] button.

  7. In the Review Order screen, once you’ve reviewed your order and read the Terms of Service on the link found next to the ‘I Agree...’ checkbox, check the box to confirm that you agree to the terms, then click on the [Buy] button to complete the order.