This article is designed specifically for CloudBlue Partners and their internal associates using CloudBlue Commerce to help them to review potential use cases and address common questions they may have about NCE Microsoft 365.

For more in depth information on the new functionalities, capabilities, and policies regarding NCE Microsoft 365, please see the following link: New commerce experience for CSP seat-based offers (microsoft.com) 

We encourage partners to use the following 4 materials found within the link:

  1. Operational Guide: A 125-page document explaining how to transact Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Windows 365 offers in the New Commerce Experience
  2. Customer Messaging Documentation for CSP Partners
  3. The New Commerce Experience: Partner FAQ
  4. Join Licensing Updates and CSP Spotlight in Eventbuilder  to stay up-to-date.

Scope of Impact

This article is designed specifically for CloudBlue Partners and their internal associates using CloudBlue Commerce, and is not relevant for Partners who are using Connect with a third-party commerce platform.


The order-taking process for NCE is much the same as it is for CSP.  It uses the same Customer AAD Tenant, Partner AAD Tenant, CSP Relationship and all the rules for MCA, MPA, AVS, ETS, etc. The only difference is that Transacting Partners should be prepared to enter their valid PLA MPN ID and their Partner Center AAD Tenant Name.

For detailed steps, please see the article - How to obtain your Partner MPNID and Indirect Reseller Tenant IDThe MPN ID is used for Partner of Record, and the Partner's Tenant is used for provisioning. This improves the experience and flexibility particularly for Transacting Partners in Europe, EFTA, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

For Windows 365 Offers, only those with Hybrid Use Rights, transacting Partners or Customers, must make an “Order Attestation” that the Customer AAD Tenant meets supplementary licensing requirements for the underlying Windows product. This attestation is available today in CSP, and will be carried forward exactly as-is to NCE. Currently, the Connect Processor does not yet support the offers requiring order attestation. We are currently working on a feature for dynamically detecting if an order attestation is needed when ordering NCE products.