1. Log into the Marketplace and either search for Commvault: Metallic in the Search bar (outlined in Black) OR open BACKUP AND DISASTER RECOVERY > Commvault: Metallic from the dropdown menu (outlined in Red).

  2. Select the required product and add it to Cart.

  3. Open the cart to continue with the purchase.

  4. Select an existing customer (using the Show Search option) or create a new one by clicking Add New Customer and then filling the subsequent form.

  5. Once a customer has been selected OR added, click Next to place the order.

  6. The order will be placed.

  7. It can take up to 48 hours for the order to be provisioned. If you try to access the subscription before it has been provisioned, the following notification will show.

  8. Once the order is provisioned, the customer will receive an email to activate their Metallic account.