This article provides a walkthrough of the order process for NCE Microsoft 365 as a reseller on the Cloud Marketplace. 

Important Note

We have revised the order placement experience for Resellers in CloudBlue Commerce version 21.4.

If you are using the new version, please use this article to place an order for Microsoft 365 NCE subscriptions.
If not, please use the article How to purchase seat-based subscriptions from Reseller Control Panel.


Cancellation Window

The cancellation window of a Microsoft NCE seat-based subscription is 7 days for a pro-rated refund. For more information, please read the March 2022 Announcements - Partner Center | Microsoft DocsThe cancellation window applies to new orders, renewals, and mid-term seat additions

GDAP Implementation

With the implementation of GDAP, when new customers are added to the Cloud Marketplace, they will receive an email notifying them of the relationship. If the relationship has not been accepted, the end customer or a representative with a Global Admin role will have to accept the relationship. The email will look similar to the picture below. 


  1. Log in to the Cloud Marketplace and select the Microsoft (Catalogue) tile.

  2. Select an option from the catalogue. 

  3. You can choose from a flat catalogue of plans.
  • The offer suffix, such as "(NCE COM ANN)", describes the Program.
  • In this example:
    • NCE = NCE (instead of CSP)
    • COM = Commercial (instead of EDUcation, GOVernment, etc.)
    • ANN = ANNual Pre-Paid (instead of MTH for Monthly Pre-Paid)
  • You can also search for the entire offer name (including the suffix) in the blue search bar at the top of the page.

  1. You can choose a commitment term of offers with the same billing term.

  1. Create a new Microsoft account or use an existing one.

Advanced Options:

  • One option allows you (the transacting partner) to enter all information here on your customer's behalf.
  • Another option allows you to send a request to your customer to enter the rest of the information. This option is not commonly used.

  1. Add a new customer or select an existing customer.

  1. To place an order as a new customer, identify the new customer to be created in Microsoft systems.

Enter a proposed/desired 'Microsoft AAD Tenant' domain, and Cloud Marketplace will check if the domain is available or is already in use. The red error message in this example indicates an incorrect domain name.

  1. Complete the mandatory Partner Attestation (required from February 23, 2022, onward).

  1. You'll see the promotion applied at check-out if the transaction (SKU) is eligible for the promotion. Cloud Marketplace's API Integration with Microsoft will evaluate Promotional Eligibility in real time, and if Microsoft approves a Promotion, it will be applied automatically.

  1. Please wait while the order is being provisioned.

  1. Selecting an Order (from Step 10) will show more details on its status. Once Microsoft receives an Order, the Microsoft SLA for provisioning time is 24 hours, and their SLO is 15 minutes.

  1. You'll see the Welcome screen after your order has been successfully provisioned.

  1. You'll also receive a welcome email. (This is a sample text and sample look and feel. Partners can make/customize their own).