The process to move a subscription from CSP to NCE involves two independent steps:

  1. Order a new NCE subscription on Ingram Cloud Marketplace
  2. Cancel the existing CSP subscription

Note: This process is applicable for only those CSP subscriptions that were purchased from another provider. If you are looking to move a CSP subscription that was purchased through Ingram Micro, please follow the article - Microsoft 365 NCE - Subscription move from CSP to NCE (Increment/Decrement method).

Order a new NCE subscription on Ingram Cloud Marketplace

  1. Login to the Cloud Marketplace and then select the Microsoft (Catalogue) tile.

  2. Select an option from the Catalogue. 

  3. You can choose from a flat catalogue of plans.
    • The Offer suffix, such as “(NCE COM ANN)”, describes the Program.
    • In this example:
      • NCE = NCE (instead of CSP)
      • COM = Commercial (instead of EDUcation, GOVernment, etc.)
      • ANN = ANNual Pre-Paid (instead of MTH for Monthly Pre-Paid)
    • You can also search for the entire Offer Name (including the suffix) in the blue search bar at the top.

  4. You can choose a commitment term of offers with the same billing term.

  5. Create a new Microsoft account or use an existing one.
    • Advanced Options:
      • One option allows the you (the transacting partner) to enter all information here on behalf of your customer.
      • Another option allows you to send a request to your customer to enter the rest of the information. That is not commonly used.
  6. Add a new customer or select an existing customer.

  7. To place an order as a new customer, identify the new customer to be created in Microsoft systems.
    1. To do this, enter a proposed/desired “Microsoft AAD Tenant” domain. Cloud Marketplace will check to see if that domain is available, or if another customer is already using it. The red error message in this example shows what you see if you give an incorrect domain name.

  8. Complete the mandatory Partner Attestation (required from February 23, 2022 onward).

  9. You will see the promotion applied at check-out if the transaction (SKU) is eligible for promotion. Cloud Marketplace's API Integration with Microsoft will evaluate Promotional Eligibility in real-time, and if Microsoft approves a Promotion, it will be applied automatically.

  10. Please wait while the order is being provisioned.

  11. By selecting an Order (from #10), more details on its status will appear. Once Microsoft receives an Order, the Microsoft SLA for provisioning time is 24 hours, and their SLO is 15 minutes.

  12. You will see the Welcome screen after your order has been successfully provisioned.

  13. You will also receive a welcome email. (This is a sample text and sample look and feel. Partners can make/customize their own).

Cancel the existing CSP subscription

  1. Please contact your existing provider to know how to get the subscription cancelled. Any credits related to the cancellations will be managed them.