Every reseller transacting IBM software on the CMP must be an IBM Cloud Marketplace Reseller (CMR). Ideally, they must also be an IBM Business Partner (BP).


Becoming a CMR and a BP is quite straightforward; the instructions are below. Refer to the attached PDF file to review the process in more detail.

We welcome the opportunity to work with resellers interested in becoming Business Partners and we have a dedicated team to help you with your journey. Please feel free to reach out to us at IBMSW-Recruit@ingrammicro.com

Step 1: Apply to become an IBM Business Partner

  1. Visit IBM Partner Plus
  2. Click Join IBM Partner Plus.
  3. Create your IBMid and password.
  4. Once your IBMid is created, register your company.
  5. At the confirmation page, review the information and click Submit.
  6. Save the confirmation number.
  7. Check your email (including junk/spam) for approval from IBM Partner Plus that your company account is active.

Step 2: Apply to become an IBM Cloud Marketplace reseller  

  1. Log into IBM Partner Plus Benefits and Incentives - Partner Plus.
  2. Click on Company Management on the left.
  3. Click on Contracts.
  4. Click Apply for contract on the right.
  5. Select Cloud Marketplace Reseller, then click Apply at the bottom.
  6. The page will auto-fill the company and contract type. Click Next at the bottom.
  7. Check the box for Software (3PM) (3rd Party Marketplace), then select a Cloud Aggregator = Distributor (Ingram Micro)
  8. Click Next.
  9. Review the terms, then check the box at the bottom that states, “I certify that I am authorized by my company to accept and submit this application”.
  10. Click Submit