Cirrus is a trusted, cost-effective way to back up your Microsoft data. It is an online Microsoft 365 backup tool which will have you up and running and backing up your data within a few minutes. It protects SharePoint sites, Outlook, OneDrive and Teams channels from accidental deletion or ransomware.

The product has been developed in partnership with Veeam and built on Microsoft Azure platform. Microsoft provides the tools, Veeam provides the engine and Cirrus is the vehicle that will protect your data.

Cirrus M365 Cloud Backup is suitable for all organizations that use M365 from 1 user to 1000's of users.


  1. Login - Login to Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.
  2. Search for the Product - Search for "Cirrus M365 Cloud Backup Powered By Veeam" using the Search bar at the top of the Marketplace page and click open the result.

  3. Add to Cart - From the page that opens up, select the plan that you want to order and click the ADD TO CART button.

  4. Review Cart - Once it is added, please open the Cart and review the product description. If the details are correct, click NEXT. To go back, click CANCEL.

  5. Select Customer - After clicking NEXT, please select the customer that you want to buy this product for. You can:
    • Select Existing Customer - Select from an existing list of customers. Click Show Search to open the filter criteria and search for the customer. 
    • Add New Customer - Click this option to add a new customer.

  6. Review Customer - Once a customer is selected (or added), click NEXT.

  7. Review Order & Payment - Review the order details one final time before you place the order. Ensure that the correct payment method is selected. Once this is done, click the BUY button.

  8. Order Details - The order will be submitted and your order details will be displayed.

  9. Order Provisioning - This product is manually provisioned so it might take up to 24 hours to be approved and available to use. The following message will be displayed if you open the subscriptions page for this product.

  10. Order Provisioning Complete - Once the provisioning process is completed, the customer will receive an email to activate their Comms Care account. They can then start using the product. 

  11. Subscription Management - Once the order is successfully provisioned, please follow the process defined in the article - Cirrus - Subscription Management to manage the subscription (renewal, cancellation etc.).