To effectively purchase New Commerce Experience (NCE) products, Microsoft Partner Network accounts should be transacted using the location MPN ID to ensure accurate partner billing and currency by location. 

Please see distinction between the two:

  • The global MPN ID identifies the equivalent of a company's headquarters. It's used for non-transactional activities such as support requests.
  • A location MPN ID identifies a company subsidiary. It's used to enroll in incentive programs, to transact Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) business, and other business transactions. Payouts are tied to these specific locations.


  1. To find your local MPN ID, please refer to the article: Microsoft 365 NCE – How to find your Partner MPN ID and Tenant Domain to obtain this through your Partner Center account.
  2. After you have successfully found your location MPN ID, log into to your Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace account.
  3. On the Home Page, click into the “Classic Panel” Control Panel view from the top navigation. Graphical user interface, text, application 
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  4. Within “Services”, adjust your details for NCE per-user products under “My Services”. You can search for “NCE Microsoft 365 Commercial” to get to your destination.

  5. If your Cloud Marketplace account requires attention to update your local MPN ID or tenant domain name, you will see status as “Requires Attention”.
  6. To modify, click into the “Requires Action” button to adjust the Microsoft Partner Network ID to your Location MPN ID. Additionally, if your reseller tenant domain name is not present, you will need to modify this as well to ensure approval.  

  7. Once completed, click “Submit”.
  8. To confirm that your account has been adjusted, you will be able to find under your Services that “NCE Microsoft 365 Commercial” now shows “Ready” under Status. Graphical user interface, application 
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