Note: This product is only available in our Canada Marketplace.


Hornetsecurity is a leading email cloud security provider, which secures companies and organizations of all sizes across the world. Its award-winning product portfolio covers all important areas of email security.

Hornet Security: Spam & Malware Protection detects spam, viruses, phishing emails and other malware before they can reach your email inboxes. A large part of the malware is rejected at the time of the connection request, while the rest is moved to quarantine. Rejected emails can be delivered to users and administrators via the control panel with just one click. With contractually guaranteed 99.9% spam detection with less than 0.00015 false positives per clean mail, Hornetsecurity offers market-leading performance data.


  1. Login - Login to Ingram Micro Cloud's Canada Marketplace.
  2. Search for the Product - Type Hornetsecurity in the Search bar at the top of the Marketplace page and click open the result - Hornetsecurity Spam and Malware Protection.

  3. Add to Cart - From the page that opens up, select the plan that you want to order and click the ADD TO CART button.

  4. Review Cart - Once it is added, please open the Cart and review the product description. If the details are fine, click NEXT. To go back, click CANCEL.

  5. Select Customer - After clicking NEXT, please select the customer that you want to buy this product for. You can:
    • Select Existing Customer - Select from an existing list of customers. Click Show Search to open the filter criteria and search for the customer. 
    • Add New Customer - Click this option to add a new customer.

  6. Review Customer - Once a customer is selected (or added), click NEXT.

  7. HS Reference Number (for your first order) - You have to be onboarded by Hornet Security in order to place orders on Ingram Cloud Marketplace. Once the onboarding is complete, you will receive a Vendor ID that must be added here under the heading HS Reference Number. You can then continue progressing through this process.

  8. Purchase Setup - Set up the purchase of Hornet Security: Spam & Malware Protection by filling the form that opens.

  9. Payment - In the final payments page, ensure that the correct payment method is selected. Also ensure that you have reviewed and accepted the Ingram Micro Cloud Services Terms of Service, Marketplace Terms of Service, and Hornetsecurity T&C. Once this is done, click the BUY button.

  10. Order Details - The order will be submitted and your order details will be displayed.

  11. Subscription Management - As all services of Hornetsecurity are charged per-use (number of mailboxes for Spam and Malware Protection) the partner/customer does not need to manage these subscriptions. Any usage will be reported by the system one time per month. For cancellation, downsize and credit policies, please refer to the article - Hornetsecurity - Important Information.