Cancellation, Downsize and Credit Policies

  • If all services are cancelled, the system will delete the customer.
  • Cancellations (customers lost and service lost) will be reported on a monthly base and billing will be adjusted accordingly.
  • As all services of Hornetsecurity are charged per-use (number of mailboxes for Spam and Malware Protection) you do not need to request to change the amount to charge. This usage is reported by the system one time per month. 
  • Credits will only be created after approval. As you have full control over all setup there shouldn’t be any reasons to set up credits.
  • As you have access to Hornetsecurity's Control Panel, you can set up additional services and customers besides Ingram Micro Cloud's platform. This will lead directly to reports in invoices.

Hornetsecurity support hours

  • Hornetsecurity's support team can be reached 24x7.
  • Support requests can be sent to:
  • We recommend always creating a ticket via email before calling +1 408-416-2585 (US).
  • Escalations (support quality or support reaction time) can be done by phone with the same number as mentioned above.
  • Hornetsecurity does not offer setup support.