ULTRA Membership Program

ULTRA is a strategic membership program designed to help our partners achieve enormous growth, much faster than the industry average and double their customer base. It is a paid membership that is available to purchase on XVantage as an annual subscription. 


Partners in the membership program will receive insights about their business, automation-for-growth tools, and exclusive offers to grow and retain their customers, and expert support to drive their businessThe program has the following enablers and features. 

For partners interested in learning more, please visit ULTRA (ingrammicrocloud.com) or contact us at ultra@ingrammicro.com 


Expert Support for ULTRA members 


The following support details are valid only for our partners who have purchased the ULTRA membership. 


If you are not an ULTRA member, please reach our support teams using the details listed in the article -  

Modern Support - Contact Directory 



Ingram Micro Cloud Modern Support handles all issues related to Marketplace, Reseller Control panel and Customer Control Panel issues, portal password resets and licenses. We also handle and escalate, as required, any order provisioning issues, complex credit/billing inquiries, vendor related access issues, how to queries, and product/vendor-related issues, including: 


  • Reseller issues and questions related to Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace (used for ordering and provision Cloud offerings) 

  • Support to resellers for Cloud offerings purchased by end-customers of that reseller 

  • Billing inquiries, account status, value-added tax (VAT) verification, invoice issues and credit / refund requests, etc. 


Business Hours and SLAs 

  • First response on issues raised by ULTRA members will be within 2 hours. 
  • You can also contact Modern Support during: 
  • Local business hours, to log any type of issue or request. 

  • Off-business hours & holidays, to log critical issues. 


Support Channels 


ULTRA members will receive expert support from the most experienced Modern Support agents. They can be reached using the email address (which will be based on your region) that will be shared in the program guide once the program is purchased on the Cloud Marketplace. 


If you are using phone, chat, or the self-service portal to contact Modern Support, you will need to declare that you are an ULTRA member. 


Details in the Support Ticket 

 Please include the following details when you are contacting Modern Support to get a prompt and effective response. 


  • Partner Name 

  • Email 

  • Preferred Contact Method Time Zone 

  • Case Severity 

  • Error Message(s) Impacted Customer/Tenant Domain(s) 

  • Number of Users Impacted 

  • Steps to Reproduce 

  • Tools Used 

  • Screenshots 

  • Partner Contact First & Last Name 

  • Phone Number 

  • Preferred Time to Contact Affected Product 

  • Detailed Issue Description Customer CMP ID 

  • Subscription ID (if applicable) 

  • Users Accounts Impacted Steps Taken During Troubleshooting 

  • Logs / Traces