If an IBM Cloud subscription is not renewed at the end of its term, it is converted to a Pay-As-You-Go subscription. This happens even if the subscription was created to be terminated at the end of its term. 

Pay-As-You-Go subscriptions mean that fixed charges will not be applicable anymore. If the customer continues to use the platform, they will be billed accordingly. Therefore, any charges that might be due, will be because of some usage on the account.

The reason that an IBM Cloud account is not automatically terminated, is because if it was the case, customers could end up losing all their data and saved items in the account, that can be devastating to their business.

This article describes the process for customers to terminate their IBM Cloud accounts so that they are not charged anymore for subscription usage. 


Important Note

Before proceeding to follow the process and terminating your IBM Cloud account, we strongly encourage you to take data backup from your account to another location. Once the account is terminated, you will not be able to retrieve any data from it.


Here are the steps to permanently cancel the IBM Cloud account, so charges can no longer occur:

  1. The owner of the IBM Cloud account must log into IBM Cloud portal. They will be asked to log in to their IBM account in case they are not already logged in.
  2. Once in the Support Center, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create a case

  3. Click the first tile - Account

  4. Click the Subtopic dropdown, and select the option - Cancel/close/suspend. Once the subtopic is selected, click Next

  5. In the Subject, please write "Close Cloud Account". If available, you can also add your account number to the Subject line.

  6. Review the information, and click Submit case at the bottom of the screen. 

  7. Once the case has been submitted, a case number will automatically be generated. It is recommended that the number be recorded, as it is the best way to reference the Account Closure Request, in case it is necessary to contact IBM.
  8. Once the request is competed, all billing will stop on the account, and the services provisioned within the IBM Cloud account will no longer be available.

If there are any further questions or concerns regarding the account, customers can go to IBM Cloud | IBM and click Contact Us at the top-right of the page to chat with an IBM representative. Let them know you need help with billing to get routed to the correct person.

If you are still in need of assistance, please email for additional resources.