This article explains the process of how you can place a new order for an Autodesk product subscription.

If you like to see the status and know the details of orders that have already been placed, please refer the article - Autodesk - How to view details of orders.


  1. Log in to Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace
  2. After successfully logging in, click Autodesk from the left-side vertical navigation pane.

  3. Click Launch in the Autodesk tab.

  4. Click Orders from the left-side vertical navigation pane. 

  5. You can start the process to place a new order by clicking the NEW ORDER button.
  6. Order placement is a 5-step process. 

  7. Step 1: Customer selection - Select the customer account to place an order on their behalf. Once done, click the NEXT button. You can also create a new customer on this step by clicking the button ADD NEW CUSTOMER

  8. Step 2: Order details - Review the end-user details for the selected customer account. Once done, click the NEXT button.

  9. Step 3: Product addition - Select the product that you want to place an order for. You can use the Filters (highlighted in Red) as well as the Search option (highlighted in Green) to locate the product. Click on the product tab to add it to the cart. Once done, click the NEXT button.

  10. Step 4: PO Configuration - Fill in the Reseller PO/Customer PO Number

  11. Step 5: Order summary - Review the order summary before placing the order. Once done, click the BUY button.

  12. The order will be placed and will be provisioned according to the details provided. To check these details and know the order status, you can follow the process defined in the article - Autodesk - How to view details of orders.