This article explains the process of how you can see the list of all the subscriptions under your account and manage them.


  1. Log in to Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace
  2. After successfully logging in, click Autodesk from the left-side vertical navigation pane.

  3. Click Launch in the Autodesk tab.

  4. Click Subscriptions from the left-side vertical navigation pane. 

  5. The page that opens up will show a list of all the subscriptions under your account. The status column will show their current status.

  6. You can use the Filters section to filter and search the subscriptions list.
  7. Click a subscription to open the Subscription Details page. Here you can review all the details related to that subscription. These details are listed under 4 different tabs:
    • Overview
    • Orders
    • Products
    • Billing Charges
  8. Overview - This tab provides the overview of the subscription.

  9. Orders - This tab provides the list of all the orders that were or are associated with this subscription.

  10. Products - This tab provides the list of all the products associated with this subscription. 

  11. Billing Charges - This tab provides a list of all the billing charges associated with this subscription. 

  12. There are additional actions that can be performed for the subscription by clicking one of the buttons available at the top of the page. 

  13. Add Product - This enables you to add a new product under the same subscription. 
  14. Renew Subscription - This enables you to renew the subscription. 
  15. Term Switch - This enables you to switch the subscription term.