Note: This product is only available in our Australia and New Zealand Marketplaces.


AWS Simple Active Directory (AD) enables you to provision an active directory inside of your existing AWS account. Once Simple AD is active, you may continue and purchase your AWS Workspaces (Virtual, cloud-based desktop).

Active Directory (AD) is Microsoft's proprietary directory service. It runs on Windows Server and enables administrators to manage permissions and access to network resources. Simple AD is a standalone managed directory that is powered by a Samba 4 Active Directory Compatible Server, storing data as objects.

Please consider the following before initiating the ordering process:

  1. You need to have an AWS account before you can order AWS Simple AD.
  2. The use of an AWS Simple AD will incur expenses inside of your AWS account. Please make sure you constantly monitor for usage and payment inside your AWS console.
  3. This is a provision-only service.

NoteShould you encounter issues with your AWS Simple AD other than the deployment of the product inside your AWS console, please contact AWS customer support.


  1. Login - Login to Ingram Micro Cloud's Marketplace.
  2. Search for the Product - Search for AWS Simple AD using the Search bar at the top of the Marketplace page and click open the result - HBS - AWS Simple Active Directory.

  3. Add to Cart - From the page that opens up, click open the tab - HBS - AWS Simple Active Directory and then select the plan that you want to order and click the ADD TO CART button under it.

  4. Review Cart - Once it is added, please open the Cart and review the product description. If the details are fine, click NEXT. To go back, click CANCEL.

  5. Select Customer - After clicking NEXT, please select the customer that you want to buy this product for. You can:
    • Select Existing Customer - Select from an existing list of customers. Click Show Search to open the filter criteria and search for the customer. 
    • Add New Customer - Click this option to add a new customer.

  6. Review Customer - Once a customer is selected (or added), click NEXT.

  7. Purchase Setup - Set up the purchase of AWS Simple Active Directory by filling the form that opens.

  8. Payment - In the final payments page, ensure that the correct payment method is selected. Once this is done, click the BUY button.

  9. Order Details - The order will be submitted and your order details will be displayed.

  10. Order Provisioning Complete - Once the provisioning process is completed, the following information will be displayed for the subscription in your Marketplace account.