To synchronize customer subscription resources that were upgraded or downgraded between Reseller Marketplace and Xero, complete the following steps:

  1. In your UX1 for Resellers, click Integrations.

  2. On the dashboard, click Check Changes to update the list of tasks.

  3. Select a synchronization task for your customer with the Change order type. Click Sync Changes.
    • The Change order type means that the existing subscription resource is upgraded or downgraded.
    • The Sales order type means that a subscription is new.
    • The Billing order type means that this is an existing usage-based subscription.
    • The Cancellation order type means that this subscription is canceled.

  4. On this step, select an Invoice or create a new one. Then, check changes to the Invoice.
    • The Invoice line items represent a separate fee that is charged in the scope of the Invoice.
    • You can select a line item and configure its parameters, such as description, quantity, price, and discount, as well as whether to load prices from the Xero or Reseller Marketplace.
    • Important: Invoices with the same billing cycle must be selected here, that is, monthly Invoices for monthly subscriptions, and so on.
    • ImportantThe Invoice currency and the currency in Reseller Marketplace must be the same.
  5. Confirm the synchronization by clicking Sync.