What's New

In this release, reports and other analytics are available under the new menu item, Analytics.

Access to Analytics on the User Level

New privileges have been introduced to give resellers the opportunity to restrict access to analytics for unauthorized staff members:

  • Application Reporting and Data Export: RDE Charts, and
  • Application Reporting and Data Export: RDE Global.

Resellers can implement a restriction by creating a new role with the corresponding privilege disabled and assigning this role to a user account.

These privileges are enabled in the Account Administrator role by default. To keep the existing behavior for all existing roles, you need to enable these privileges in all roles after the upgrade. For instructions, refer to this KB article.

Account Overview Report

In this release, the Account Overview visualization report has been added. This report displays a number of basic metrics related to the account, such as the number and historical data of active customers, active subscriptions, total revenue of vendors, and its distribution per service plan and vendor.


Important: This functionality is available for version 21.6 (UI and Branding 21.6-85) or later. If you use version 21.5 or earlier, disable the Application Reporting and Data Export: RDE Charts privilege for the Account Administrator role using a special script.

Resolved Issues

Issues in the following data sets have been resolved:

  • Service Plans Resource Rates
  • Service Plans
  • AR Documents

Please also note that, sometimes, the Payments data set could not be installed from CloudBlue Store.